CAPPS-DMIS Advanced Measurement Software

CappsDMIS Advanced is a CAD based metrology software with an easy to navigate interface.
This level of CappsDMIS allows complete control over mathematical model, easy and precise alignment methods, automatic feature measurements and geometry recognition. Parts can be measured with or without CAD models automatically creating DMIS programs. Our Advanced software is capable of being upgraded to function with Laser Scanners, Analog Scanning probes, outputing SPC data, and much more. Features of our Advanced level software include:
  • CAD master model at the CMM
  • Automatic collision avoidance
  • Auto Probe Calibration
  • Advanced CAD operations for surface and curve manipulation and interaction
  • Automatic probe path generation routines for all geometric and sheet-metal features
  • Automatic feature extraction from a CAD model
  • Advanced Fixtureless alignment methods with CAD
  • Programmable graphical reporting for template boxes, graphical deviations, and confetti reports
  • Relative measurement methods for sheet-metal , die and molds