CappsNC Advanced

CappsNC is the industry leader in CNC "In Process" metrology.

 Utilizing the simulation power of CAPPS-OFFLINE and with all the metrology features of CAPPS-DMIS, CAPPS-NC brings the measurement capabilities of CMMs to CNC machines.  CAPPS-NC is used worldwide for in-machine post-process metrology and in-process control.  With work and tool offset capability through measurement feedback and real time data processing CAPPS-NC.  Version 7 improvements include full machine modeling, full Renishaw Strain Gage probe support, and up to 8 axis of programming control.

CappsNC Advanced is a single software license designed for the user that intends to program inspection cycles and capture measurement results on the shop floor, at the machine, using a single PC. Using CappsNC Advanced, users can both program offline and execute the measurement program directly from DMIS generating real time report and feedback with the NC Controller. The image below depicts two discrete CappsNC Advanced systems