CAPPS-NC -- CNC Metrology

For our users who are not familiar with our CAPPSNC product we are providing an overview of how companies around the world are now utilizing the extensive feature set provided by CAPPSNC to improve CNC metrology.


Advanced Alignments: CappsNC now allows the advanced alignments utilized by CMM operators using our CAPPS DMIS products to be used to set work offsets within machine tools. Users taking advantage of these alignments with our work offset option are no longer restricted to using standard macros, or indicators to identify only the most basic geometry as coordinate locations for machining. Using CAPPSNC alignments users can use complex 3D features, intersections, tooling balls, and best fit alignments to pickup their work offsets. This allows for faster and more accurate part setup, saving time, improving the distribution of material removal and saving money!


5 Axis Auto Indexing: Customers using 5-Axis machining centers are now able to automatically index the probe head based upon the feature to be measured. This drastically reduces programming time on complicated 5 axis parts and eliminates the need for understanding vectors while programming. Everything is done automatically.


Mold & Die Applications: For users in mold and die manufacturing we are finding the most prevalent use of CAPPS NC is to provide a sanity check usually around 20-30 points. These 20-30 points allow machinists to gain a base level of confidence that the part is good prior to removing the part from the machine and taking it to the CMM. When errors have been found in this method due to tooling offset errors, programming errors, or any other source of part quality errors, they can be corrected right on the machine without having to setup the part for a second time, saving time and reducing possible setup errors.


Production Applications: For production applications CappsNC has been used for true in-process checks of the following:

  • Entire Parts - During qualification and program changes or machine changes
  • Critical Features - CappsNC feeds real-time SPC data to a plant management system
  • First Cut Features - After tool changes CappsNC verified the first cut feature was correct before allowing the remainder of the program to finish


Reporting: CappsNC can generate complete inspection reports as the part is being measured.

  • Use built in SPC to perform statistical control or feed data to other SPC programs
  • Graphical template reports show elements in 3D view directly at the feature
  • Connect directly to upload data to machine and display results in real time


Reduce Scrap & Rework: CappsNC allows the possibility to verify Parts before the scrap is created.

  • Correct problems before they occur
  • Reduce part manufacturing and verification cycle times
  • No need to remove part to send to CMM for part measurement


In-process Feedback for Process Improvement: CappsNC can calculate any measurement parameter and update variables on CNC.

  • Calculate work offsets and update on the machine with direct feedback
  • Observe and correct for tool wear and tear and automatically feedback to the machine
  • Use profile measurements to measure tool deflection and write compensation directly to the CNC


Probe Calibration: CappsNC will calibrate probes with automatic paths.

  • Vectoral Calibrations based on the exact vectors used in any measurement program for extremely accurate results
  • Automatic probe runout detection and compensation


Many machines and Interfaces:

  • RS 232, File and Direct Ethernet Interfaces


    Automatic 5 axis indexing



    Automatic Probe Calibriaton Paths



    Trunnion Modeling



    Spindle Modeling