CappsNC Programming System

CappsNC Programming System is an OFFLINE programming version of CappsNC with complete program simulation and virtual machine modeling.

  CappsNC Advanced Programming Server CappsNC Programming Server is a modular configuration designed for users that have the requirement to program remotely while capturing measurement results locally. The system is supplied with two licenses of CappsNC. Model import, generation of DMIS instructions and verification of the measurement strategy are performed on the remote PC using CappsNC Programming Server. Each machine tool on the network requires a CappsNC Execution Module (maximum of 5). T he Execution module imports the DMIS instructions and post processes the inspection program. Locally, the Execution Module captures the measurement results and manages all closed loop instructions (i.e. updating of tool and work offsets). Inspection reports are viewable locally on the Execution Module or remotely on the CappsNC Programming Server. The image below depicts a single CappsNC Programming Server supporting three Execution Modules.

CappsNC Advanced Mixed and License Server Methods

For installations supporting multiple programming stations and/or multiple machine tools, CappsNC can be customized.  The Mixed and License Server Methods are offered for user’s needing full licenses of CappsNC OR Execution Modules on multiple PC’s but only needing access to a fixed number of licenses concurrently.  These systems are quoted upon request.