Monthly Software Tips


Below are several tips for our CAPPS DMIS software. Simply click the links below in order to download a .pdf copy of past monthly tips.

Tip Subject Tip Release Date
Feature Projection (February, 2009)
Creating or Selecting Nominal Data April, 2009)
How to set views, create templates and add pictures to the DMIS code (March, 2009)
Scribe Line Location (May, 2009)
Copying Nominals (July, 2009)
Creating Multiple Nominals from a Surface (August, 2009)
Rotating CAD models (October, 2009)
Free Form Feature Profile Output (November, 2009)
Profile and Form Output Options (December, 2009)
How to use True Position (January, 2010)
Using Temperature Compensation (March, 2010)
RTP20 Auto-Index Setup (February, 2010)
Using a Renishaw Tool-Tip Changer within CAPPS (April, 2010)
Theoretical Work Planes (May, 2010)
Report Options within CAPPS (June, 2010)