Retrofit Components for DCC CMMs


Renishaw Retrofit Package


The Renishaw UCC2 is a universal CMM controller suitable for touch-trigger and scanning probing. The UCC2 offers full 4-axis control and scanning; perfect for cylinder, gasket and grid scanning. Also available is an automatic "find center", data filtering and advanced analogue probe calibration.


The UCC2 has a range of compatible additional card options. Most of these cards are common with UCC1, the exceptions being the PHS1 card, which is UCC2 compatible only, and the SP25M and MCU1 cards, which are included in the motherboard of the UCC2.


SPA2-2 has been optimized to work with the UCC2 CMM controller and MCU1 joystick, together forming an ideal retrofit package. For each amplifier channel, there are individual software controls for all the tuning parameters including offset, gain, integral and proportional settings.


image Motor and tacho polarities can be inverted by software. Power supply can be set to provide a voltage output from 12 V to 60 V with a maximum total output power of 550 W. As well as the servo power amplifiers, SPA2-2 contains all the relays to control the motor engaging process. It also contains all the necessary hardware to implement a category '2' emergency stop system.